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July 31st

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1908 After successfully swiping second at the Polo Grounds, Fred Tenney decides to return to first base on the next pitch because Dummy Taylor had remained at third during their attempted double steal. This time, hoping to coax a throw from the catcher to give the runner on third another opportunity to score, he steals second base for the second time in the inning, but his teammate still stays put in the Giants' 9-2 victory over the Cardinals.
1935 Avid Reds' fan Kitty Burke, annoyed at Ducky Medwick's retort to her heckling by telling her she couldn't get a hit if she were swinging at an elephant, grabs Babe Herman's bat as he comes to the plate in the bottom of the eighth inning, comes on to the field demanding a turn at-bat. After some consternation, Cardinal pitcher Paul Dean complies by tossing the ball underhanded to the popular local nightclub blues singer, who grounds out to the pitcher, much to the delight of the cheering crowd.
1997 The A's trade Mark McGwire to the Cardinals for Eric Ludwick, T.J. Mathews, and Blake Stein, a trio of hurlers who will combine for just 30 victories with Oakland. The Redbirds' new first baseman, whose accomplishments will be tainted by the speculation of his use of PEDs, hits an astounding 220 home runs in the 545 games he plays with St. Louis.

3 Fact(s) Found