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May 13th

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1970 With two outs in the bottom of the eighth inning at Wrigley Field, Gary Gentry gives up his only hit, a short fly hit by Ernie Banks that outfielder Dave Marshall gets a glove on, but he cannot hold on to the ball. The Mets right-hander settles for a one-hit 4-0 victory over the Cubs, just missing the opportunity of being the first hurler in franchise history to throw a no-hit game if official scorer Jim Enright had ruled differently on the blooper to left field.
2000 The Mets release a disgruntled Rickey Henderson, a day after he fails to hustle, turning a likely double into a single. The 41 year-old stolen base leader is batting .219 with no homers and two RBIs at the time of his release.

2 Fact(s) Found