1999  Milwaukee Brewers  Yearbook
1999 Milwaukee Brewers Yearbook

Articles and Features

Three Cheers!
A profile by Mario Ziino of the three 1999 Hall of Fame inductees featuring Robin Yount, Nolan Ryan, and George Brett.

Down the Valley
A comprehensive history of Milwaukee's County Stadium honoring the 47 year-old ballpark's last season of service.

Early Braves Oddities
A recollection of some of the bizarre moments that occurred at County Stadiums when the Braves called the ballpark home.

Story Hill: Center of Milwaukee's Growth
Following the first wave of settlers, came a family of pioneers with a story of their own.

Players Photos and Profiles* Include

*Jeff Cirillo

*Jeromy Burnitz
David Weathers
Geoff Jenkins
Mark Loretta

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