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This Day in Yankees History
June 15th

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1958 In a move that is perceived to be a prelude to a second deal with the Yankees, the A's trade Woodie Held and Vic Power to the Indians for southpaw Dick Tomanek, utility player Preston Ward, and right fielder Roger Maris. Owner Arnold Johnson, already under pressure for allowing Kansas City to become a farm club for the Bronx Bombers, is warned by American League president Will Harridge not to send the outfield slugger to New York for at least 18 months.
1976 In a ten-player trade between the Orioles and Yankees, both teams exchange four pitchers and a catcher. Baltimore sends moundsmen Ken Holtzman, Doyle Alexander, Jimmy Freeman, and Grant Jackson along with backstop Elrod Hendricks to New York for hurlers Tippy Martinez, Rudy May, Scott McGregor, and Dave Pagan, and catcher Rick Dempsey.
1999 Brewers' pitcher Jim Abbott, born without a right hand, gets his first hit in his 11-year career. The southpaw didn't bat playing for the Angels and the Yankees due to the designated hitter rule in the American League.
2005 Joining Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Governor George Pataki, and team officials, George Steinbrenner announces plans for a new ballpark in the Bronx. The Yankee-financed $800 million facility, to be built north of the current stadium in Macombs Dam Park, will seat at least 51,800 and will mirror 'The House that Ruth Built,' including limestone walls and the familiar copper frieze.

4 Fact(s) Found