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This Day in Giants History
January 15th

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1936 Horace Stoneham becomes president of the New York Giants, succeeding his dad, Charles, who died nine days ago. The 32 year-old will hold the position for the next 40 years before selling the team to Bob Lurie and Bud Herseth in 1976.
1958 The Yankees announced an unprecedented 140 games will be televised this season on WPIX in a package reportedly worth significantly more than a million dollars. The decision to telecast such a large number of games, including 63 road contests, was prompted by the departure of the Dodgers and Giants to California.
1964 Willie Mays, the highest paid player in baseball, signs the $105,000 contract offered by the Giants. The perennial All-Star center fielder will have another outstanding season, batting .308, hitting 40 home runs, and driving in 123 runs for the Jints.

3 Fact(s) Found