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March 3rd

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1953 Braves owner Lou Perini, citing territorial privilege due to the location of their minor league club, blocks the Browns' attempt to move to Milwaukee from St. Louis. Fifteen days later, he will move his major league club from Boston to the Midwestern city.
1959 The winning entry in the Giants' Name-the-Park contest is Candlestick Park, reflecting the shape of the rocks found in the area known as Candlestick Point. The ballpark, initially called Bay View Stadium, will be the first stadium to be built entirely of reinforced concrete.
1967 The White Sox are permitted to use a partial designated hitter in spring training. With the home club's permission, each team will be allowed to use a designated pinch-hitter twice in the same game.
1969 The Washington Post reports the Global League has failed to reach an agreement with any television network. The lack of a TV deal appears to have derailed the reality of the proposed third major league coming into existence.
1984 Peter Ueberroth is elected baseball's sixth commissioner, replacing Bowie Kuhn as the major league's top executive. The former L.A. Olympic president will take office on October 1 and will receive compensation of $450,000, an amount that is nearly double his predecessor's salary.
1987 Danny Kaye, the original owner of the Mariners, along with his partner Lester Smith from 1977 to 1981, dies of heart failure. The 74 year-old entertainer was a life-long fan of the Dodgers, recording a hit tune entitled The D-O-D-G-E-R-S Song, which detailed a fictitious encounter with the rivals Giants during the actual 1962 pennant race.

1988 Upset by a practical joke played by teammate Jesse Orosco, Dodger slugger Kirk Gibson walks out of camp for a day. The southpaw reliever had put eyeblack on Gibson's cap.
1997 In a controversial deal, the Yankees sign a ten-year contract with Adidas. The licensing agreement with the popular sportswear company puts team owner George Steinbrenner at odds with the baseball establishment.
2006 Jae-Weong Seo and Chan Ho Park combine to blank Taiwan in the opening game of the inaugural World Baseball Classic, 2-0. The first game of the 16-nation tournament, featuring the duel between the two South Korean hurlers, is played before a disappointing crowd of only 5,193 fans at Tokyo Dome.
2008 Noah Lowry throws 24 pitches before a batter takes a swing in the Giants' 6-4 loss to Texas. The 28 year-old right-hander, who issues nine bases-on-balls to the first 12 Rangers he faces, goes through the entire once without recording an official at-bat, thanks to a combination of walks and sacrifice flies.
2012 The Padres sign Cameron Maybin to a five-year contract extension. The new undisclosed deal for the 24 year-old outfielder has been widely reported to be worth $25 million for five years with an another $7 million possible during an option year in 2017.
2015 During five exhibition contests played in Arizona and Florida; baseball introduces its new pace of play initiatives designed to make the games shorter in duration. The new rules, which includes having batters keeping one foot in the batter's box after taking a pitch, and the use of a clock to make innings start more punctually, will be slowly introduced before penalties for the players are implemented.
2016 Experts announce they have verified the legitimacy of seven identical Ty Cobb cards from the printing period of 1909 to 1911, bringing the total number of the rare item known to exist to 22. The treasure, which features a picture of the 'Georgia Peach' on the front, with the words 'Ty Cobb – King of the smoking tobacco world' on the back, was found in a paper bag mixed in with trash by relatives, who were cleaning the dilapidated house that belonged to their great-grandfather.

13 Fact(s) Found