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Today in Mariners History
August 23rd

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1982 Gaylord Perry of the Mariners is ejected from the game for applying a foreign substance to the ball. Although the right hander has been suspected for years of loading up the baseball, it is the first time he has been caught by the umpires.
1999 Joining Babe Ruth and Mark McGwire, Mariner outfielder Ken Griffey Jr. becomes the third player in major league history to hit 200 homers in a four-season span. Junior's 39th helps Seattle beat the Indians, 4-1.
2000 At Comerica Park, fans flee their seats as swarms of small insects invade the stands during the first inning. The six-legged pests do not affect the players, and the game continues uninterrupted with the Tigers edging the Mariners, 6-5.

3 Fact(s) Found