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May 26th

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1916 In Boston, Giants outfielder Benny Kauff is picked off first base three times by Lefty Tyler. The center fielder's miscues don't hurt the team as New York reels off its 14th consecutive road victory, beating the Braves, 12-1.
1929 Giants' Pat Crawford and Lies Bell of the Braves both hit grand slams in the same game in pinch-hitting appearances. New York beats Boston in the Polo Grounds contest, 15-8.
1959 In another of Bill Veeck's stunts, 3-feet 7 inch Eddie Gaedel returns to a major league field along with three other midgets. Arriving by helicopter and dressed as Martians, the quartet shakes hands with Nellie Fox and Luis Aparicio near second base on Comiskey Park's infield and gives them toy ray guns as the PA announcer informs the crowd the ETs have arrived to help the somewhat short keystone combo in their struggle with giant earthlings.

3 Fact(s) Found