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April 19th

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1939 At an informal press conference arranged by Universal Pictures, actress Dorothy Arnold tells wire service reporters that she and Joe DiMaggio are engaged and plan to marry sometime this summer. Upon hearing the news, the somewhat surprised Yankee center fielder makes it clear no ceremony will take place during the baseball season, but the couple will exchange vows in November.
1948 Yankee starter Allie Reynolds, thinking the Senators are trying to trick him, refuses to leave second base after he hits his first and only career home run, which is unbeknownst to him because he did not see the ball clear the left field fence. In front of an amused President Truman, New York skipper Bucky Harris finally convinces the skeptical baserunner to round the bases so the Opening Day contest at Griffith Stadium can continue.
1949 On Opening Day, the Yankees unveil a monument in centerfield honoring the legendary Babe Ruth, eight months after his death. The "Bambino' joins Lou Gehrig and Miller Huggins, who were also awarded posthumously with cenotaphs, the team's highest honor of all.
1960 Making his debut in pinstripes, Roger Maris goes 4-for-5 batting leadoff in the Yankees lineup. The right-fielder's 11 total bases, including two home runs and a double, contribute to the Bronx Bombers' Opening Day 8-4 victory over Boston at Fenway Park.
1972 Sparky Lyle becomes the first reliever to come into a game with a signature entrance song when the Yankee Stadium PA system plays Pomp and Circumstance as the closer approaches the mound. Although the southpaw secures the last out of the team's 3-2ávictory overáMilwaukee,átheáNew Yorkárelief pitcher feelsáthe song, selected by PR man Marty Appel to signify the end of the game much as the Edward Elgar's march signals the end of anáacademic accomplishment, adds more pressure to his closer role and asks the public relations department to put the tradition on hold.

1979 After a 6-3 loss to the Orioles in New York, Goose Gossage sustains a sprained ligament in his left thumb as a result of a clubhouse brawl with Yankee teammate Cliff Johnson. The reliever will be out of action until mid-July, and Johnson, due to the altercation, will be traded to the Indians in June for southpaw Don Hood.

6 Fact(s) Found