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March 18th

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1943 Due to wartime travel restrictions, spring training camps begin opening in northern locations. Some of the locales include Bear Mountain, NY (Dodgers), French Lick Springs, IN (Cubs and White Sox), Asbury Park, NJ (Yankees), Medford, MA (Red Sox), and Wallingford, CT (Braves).
1953 The Braves end the 77 year-old association with Boston and become the first major league club to move since 1903 when Baltimore moved to New York. The franchise will spend a dozen years in the mid-western city, setting attendance records and appearing in two World Series, before moving to Atlanta, lured by the promise of a brand new state of the art stadium in an area they would be the only big league club.

Amazon A History of the Boston Braves: A Time Gone By


"Braves Win Last Game for Boston, Milwaukee Loses It." - BOSTON GLOBE, headline lamenting the city’s National League franchise move to Milwaukee.

When the Braves' move from Boston is officially approved unanimously by the National League owners, the team is on the field, beating the Yankees in the fifth inning, 3–0. The club now representing Milwaukee, as of 2:33 PM, blows the lead, dropping a 5-3 decision to the Yankees in the Bradenton, Florida exhibition game.

3 Fact(s) Found